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The black truffle is connected to the roots of the host tree. The tree supplies the fungus with sugars, while the fungus supplies the tree with mineral salts.

When mature, it is recognizable by its black pyramidal scales. Its subtle and complex fragrance is a mixture of smells of undergrowth, earth and humus, sublimated with roasted dried fruits.

These exceptional organoleptic qualities as well as its rarity make this category of truffle a delicate, powerful and unforgettable food.

Its bewitching aromas as well as its ability to magnify all the foods with which it is associated, make it the most beautiful jewel of French gastronomy. The Black Truffle  goes perfectly with the salty sweetness of the natural Fleur de Sel, which is dressed in its flavor to give your preparations a refined and inimitable touch.

Fleur de Sel with Black Truffle

  • Fleur de sel  du Pays Blanc (98%)

    TUBER MELANOSPORUM (2%) from Lozère.

    Place of production: Saline des Gahins - Mesquer - 44420

  • Black truffles go very well with eggs (omelette, scrambled or boiled), pasta, le risotto, game, fish, as well as meat and poultry. Dont forget the foie gras and pâtés, of course!!

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