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The shallot is the basis of many classic sauces of French gastronomy: the bordelaise, the béarnaise, the white butter or the gribiche sauce. Chopped and fried, it is also customary to incorporate it into marinière mussels or mushrooms. Combined with Gray Salt and a touch of white wine, it promises an explosion of flavors on your plates.

Sel Gris du Pays Blanc Shallot X 6

250 Grams
  • The term "Shallot" is commonly misused to refer to green onion. The shallot is rather a small vegetable the size of a bulb of garlic, with a more subtle flavor than the onion. There are several varieties, the three most common being gray shallots, Jersey shallots and "chicken thigh”.

    Traditionally used for:
    As a dusting: barbecues, roasts, grilled chicken.

    Sel Gris du Pays Blanc® (95%) Shallots (5%) from France
    Place of production: Saline des Gahins- Mesquer - 44420
    Cooking: Baked potatoes, omelettes, cooking with white wine, sautéed veal or pork, steamed fish.

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