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For nearly a millennium, the Marais Salants du Pays Blanc® have been sculpted by the hand of man, according to the winds and the sun. Le Paludier, guardian of this natural treasure, perpetuates the ancestral know-how of the Benedictine monks who dug the first carnations. It is thanks to this preserved nature that Sel Gris and Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc® offer you the richness of their taste as well as all the mineral virtues of the ocean and the clay in which they are born.
Harvested and packaged entirely by hand, Gray Salt and Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc® are 100% natural and free of chemical additives. You will be able to taste the iodized flavor and the crunchiness of the Salicornia Sauvages, picked by hand at the end of spring. All the Marais products offered are handcrafted from entirely natural raw materials.
We voluntarily do not stock over several years, as others do, in order to be able to offer you a salt and fleur de sel which still retain all the virtues of the ocean which gave birth to them.


Ideally fed by the Croisic tract, it benefits from a constant supply of sea water, thanks to the mudflat which is filled with the tides. The sunshine is generous throughout the season and it is oriented to receive the sea air and easterly winds without obstacle. 

Our Saline represents a human-scale operation, made up of 10 carnations, dug into the clay. Our production over a normal season represents 1.5 tonnes of gray salt per carnation and 120 kilos of Fleur de Sel.

The salt is then stored on the tremet, a platform on the edge of the salt marshes, to be drained and dried in the sun. The same goes for Fleur de Sel.

Marais tours are organized every day from June to September.

Coucher de soleil sur les marais
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