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Our online store

Find the best products from our Marais.

All the steps, from harvesting to packaging, including spice blends, are carried out manually.

You benefit, thanks to our involvement, from top-fresh products, controlled from start to finish.

No nasty surprises.


We work with many catering and distribution professionals.
Being aware of the complexity of everyone's requirements, we have decided to offer a customizable packaging. The customer adapts his quantities according to his needs.
These packagings are also valid for flavored Fleur de sel and Gray Salt with spices, with the guarantee of perfect traceability (batch number, barcode, DLC, etc.).
We also adapt transport solutions in order to minimize costs, large quantities being shipped by film-wrapped pallet.
We are at your disposal and do our best to satisfy your specific requests. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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