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  • Sel Gris et Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc | Fleur2Sel

    The Breath of the Sea SEL GRIS & FLEUR DE SEL DU PAYS BLANC Producer direct sale ONLINE SHOPPING PALUDIER, MORE THAN A JOB….A PASSION. ENTIRELY MANUAL ARTISANAL HARVEST For nearly a millennium, the Salt Marshes du Pays Blanc® have been sculpted by the hand of man, according to the winds and the sun. Le Paludier, guardian of this natural treasure, perpetuates the ancestral know-how of the Benedictine monks who dug the first carnations. It is thanks to this preserved nature that Sel Gris and Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc® offer you the richness of their taste as well as all the mineral virtues of the ocean and the clay in which they are born. SEE ALL OUR PRODUCTS Because our office is so much more beautiful when you see it from above!! FIND ALL OUR PRODUCTS AT OUR POINTS OF SALE Harvested and packaged entirely by hand, Sel Gris and Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc® are 100% natural and free of chemical additives. You will be able to taste the iodized flavor and the crunchiness of the Salicornia Sauvages, picked by hand at the end of spring. All the Marais products offered are handcrafted from entirely natural raw materials. COME RELAX DURING THE SUMMER RESERVATIONS FOR MARSH VISITS ARE AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND Individual visit - 7 € per person Group visit - 5 € per person (from 10 people and 20 maximum) Magasin "Never give, before you are asked, neither advice or salt. " -Oscar Wilde- SALINE KERIGNON 1 Bassin du Mès - Rostü - Mesquer 44420 We work with many catering and distribution professionals. Being aware of the complexity of everyone's requirements, we have decided to offer à la carte packaging. The customer adapts his quantities according to his needs. These packagings are also valid for flavored Fleur de sel and Sel Gris with spices, with the guarantee of perfect traceability (batch number, barcode, DLC, etc.). We also adapt transport solutions in order to minimize costs, large quantities being shipped by film-wrapped pallet. We are at your disposal and do our best to satisfy your specific requests. Do not hesitate to contact us. For professionals.... it's this way I go ...They trust us... To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • PROMOTIONS | Fleur2sel

    Natural Flower of Salt AVANT LA NOUVELLE SAISON, TOUT DOIT DISPARAITRE . C'est l'occasion rêvée de découvrir et de déguster la fleur de sel issue de la récolte 2023. PROMOTION Quick View Fleur de Sel naturelle du Pays Blanc 3kg Regular Price €30.00 Sale Price €26.00 Add to Cart PROMOTION Quick View Fleur de Sel naturelle du Pays Blanc 1kg Regular Price €12.00 Sale Price €10.00 Add to Cart


    Connexion DELIVERIES AND RETURNS DELIVERY POLICY We take special care to ensure our customers receive deliveries in optimal conditions. ​ As soon as your order is completed, it is processed within 48 hours and shipped by us by the carrier you have chosen, between 2 and 4 working days. You will then receive a confirmation email which will indicate the date of arrival of the package as well as a tracking number. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of problem with one of your deliveries. We will make every effort to resolve this setback as soon as possible. RETURN POLICY The products purchased on our Shop are produced with the greatest care. In the event of a packaging defect or a product damaged during transport, simply send us an email here, attaching a photo and telling us what your problem is. We will do our best either to exchange it or to reimburse you. Just let us know on your request. ​ The price of the product is then exchanged or refunded to you within 14 days from the day on which La Fille de l'Air picks up the returned product or the day on which you have provided proof of shipment of the product. In the event of an exchange, a prepaid return label will be sent to you by email, all you have to do is print it and stick it on your package. The refund is made by the same means of payment as the one you used when paying on Fleur2sel. You nevertheless agree to be reimbursed by any other means (in particular by bank transfer). The refund includes the price of the returned product(s) as well as the cost of the standard delivery method offered by La Fille de l'Air. ​ On the other hand, if a product is returned for the following reasons: Change of opinion Command error a better price elsewhere You don't need it anymore The return costs will be entirely your responsibility. ​ No exchange or refund can be demanded before the return of the defective product.

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