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Madagascar Pepper is a rather mild pepper in terms of spiciness. In fact, it's more of a warm feeling than actual spiciness. It is less powerful than a classic black pepper. Its exceptional character comes from its rich and intense fragrance. Already in the smell, we detect notes of fresh earth, subtly woody.
Once in the mouth, a flavor of fresh burnt herbs and underside of wood begins which quickly gives way to a fruity freshness of lemony citrus reminiscent of Sichuan pepper, with a hint of a flowery note. It is a pepper with a nice length in the mouth.
Mixed with Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc, it offers an ideal combination for your meat and fish, as well as for steamed potatoes and many other vegetables. To consume without moderation.

Fleur de Sel with Madagascar Pepper

  • Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc - 97%

    Madagacar Pepper - 3%


    Fleur de Sel du Pays Blanc, hand harvested, untreated, unheated and unwashed.

    Harvest location: Saline des Gahins - 44420 Mesquer, France

  • Traditionally used for :

    Grills, white and red meats, steamed vegetables, sauces.

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