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Discover the tangy and spicy flavor of Sichuan Pepper and the iodized finesse of Fleur de Sel des Marais. Ideal for flavoring white meats and chocolate-based desserts.

Sichuan pepper is the "fake»pepper" the best known in the world. It has appeared for a very long time in many kitchens, and especially in those of great chefs.

Green, it develops very fresh aromatic notes of eucalyptus and citrus fruits such as lime andkaffir lime. In the mouth, it is also the freshness that dominates, followed by a taste of sour cherry to finish with a slightly anesthetic sensation on the tip of the tongue and on the lips. Very long flavor in the mouth.

Fleur de Sel with Sichuan Pepper

  • Fleur de sel  du Pays Blanc (95%)

    Sichuan pepper (5%)

    Place of production: Saline des Gahins - Mesquer - 44420

  • Its use is perfect for flavoring all meats whether red or white.

    In small doses, it admirably flavors pasta, rice and even salads.

    Of course, do not forget to use it on fish, seafood, and more particularly scallops.Like many "real-peppers", it flavors chocolate wonderfully.

    The association with the Fleur de Sel exudes its flavors while bringing out the sweetness of the Fleur de Sel.

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