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This prodigy of Nature was born on a day of westerly wind, a humid wind loaded with Atlantic spray. From its encounter with the wind and the sun, the Perle de Fleur® was born, recognizable by the size and perfect geometry of its crystals. Its iridescent reflections are reminiscent of the shimmering color of Wild Pearls. All the more rare as it only forms for a few days in the season. Much appreciated by gourmets, it combines crunchiness and sweetness, its crystals still containing the water of the ocean in which it was born. Ideal on grills, planchas or sprinkled on your dishes at the end of cooking.

Untreated, hand picked, unheated, unwashed and without any additives.

Fleur de Sel pearl

3,90 €Price
  • Fleur de sel is the thin layer of white crystals that forms and surfaces on the surface of salt marshes, generally by the evaporative action of the wind. This product is used in cooking instead of salt to season dishes. The production being less than the classic salt, its selling price is higher and can assimilate the fleur de sel to a luxury product.

    100% natural fleur de sel, hand picked, unheated, unwashed, without any additives.

    Place of production: Bassin de Rostu - Mesquer - 44420

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